LoRaWAN Quick-Scan

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From quickscan to advise and execution

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    The developments in the field of LoRaWAN are changing the environment of your company. Are you able to adapt to these changes? Are you still waiting or do you want to lead the way with your marketing strategy, product management or operational excellence? The consultants from The Things Industries will be happy to discuss this with you.

    From quickscan to advise and execution

    The Things Industries can take care of a LoRaWAN scan for your company. We take a fresh and professional look at your organization and present these findings with sound advice. We present what actions can be taken, and whom to partner up with. This will often be a combination of actions by yourself and by The Things Industries along with its partners.


    • Analyze the value chain of your company.
    • Identify opportunities in all parts of the value chain. Taking into account the company’s strategy and the possibilities of the LoRaWAN technology.
    • Creation of a basic functional concept for one or several LoRaWAN solutions and identify potential partners to realize them.
    • Draw a business case in broad outline, indicating what to expect both in terms of costs and revenues.
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