LoRaWAN Smart Building – BASIC

 1,300.00 (ex VAT)

Connect your office and optimize the work performance.

  • Description

    The smart building package enables the transformation of any building or facility into a smart connected asset which can be remotely monitored.

    The easy-to-install package contains:

    • 1x easy to setup indoor gateway (MultiTech)
    • 5x Elsys ERS Lite
      Temperature, humidity
    • 1x Elsys ERS CO2
      Temperature, humidity, light, light, CO2, motion (PIR)
    • Getting started guide
    • Shipment

    The sensors can be placed in and around your building to gain awareness in the air quality, comfort level and the number of people in certain areas. It is a great way to get familiar with the technology and leverage the data from these sensors.

    The package includes access to a knowledge base for documentation.


    2 – 3 days delivery
    Only available in Europe as of now

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