Enterprise LoRaWAN Development Kit

 1,300.00 (ex VAT)

The easiest and most effective way to get started with LoRaWAN.

  • Description

    Start developing LoRaWAN solutions and services with the Enterprise Dev Kit. The kit contains an indoor gateway to cover your company building and its surroundings, several Arduino-based development devices along with multiple sensors. There is also documentation and getting started guides, allowing you to start building LoRaWAN prototypes and Proof of Concepts right away.

    • Easy to setup indoor gateway
    • 10 The Things UNOs
    • 10 sensor kits, each¬†containing 3 sensors, a button, a GPS and WiFi module, wires and a breadboard
    • Documentation & getting started guide
    • Including shipment


    1 – 2 weeks delivery
    Only available in Europe as of now